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CH 20.3, Achieved the Wind Element! by dannytranvan CH 20.3, Achieved the Wind Element! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 7 June 2015

Zhenwu sits calmly on the grass with his arms out with fingers at a correct form.

It became a quiet day as Zhenwu continues to sit with his eyes closed.

He sits. He waits for his chi to flow calmly in his body, and then to his arms.

The pathways in his arms, are giving difficulty for his chi to flow smoothly.

But as Zhenwu waits longer and longer, his chi begins to flow smoothly and slowly from within his body’s pathways to his arms’ pathways.

Zhenwu waits in a calm chi flow form. He sits and waits on the grass.

It is still a quiet day for Zhenwu. You can just hear the wind going by Zhenwu's head. The cold wind, yet relieving.

Zhenwu, with his eyes still closed, still sits in a form.
His chi is flowing smoothly from slow to steady between the pathways of his body and arms.

The chi system injury is still a problem, but yet, the chi is flowing steadily from his body to his arms. As the transparent chi flows from his body into his arms, the chi begins to turn its way back into his body and then back into his arms in a way known as a chi cycle. The cycle that this chi is making is not slow, but steady.

The wind blows again in the sky, making calm swirls towards Zhenwu. It went by Zhenwu's body.

Such quiet day it is. And yet Zhenwu is giving more time for himself in a form to make sure he can “feel” the chi flow smoothly.

Zhenwu's steady pace of calm chi flow suddenly goes faster and smoother through the narrow pathways of his body and narrower pathways of his arms. The chi is flowing more smoothly between the body and arms than before.

As Zhenwu continues to wait in his calm chi flow form, his chi flow is improving. There seems to be no more difficulty or interference with the chi flow in between his body and arms.

He waits longer. Longer for the right timing. Longer for the right “feel” of it.

The day is still quiet, and the wind is starting to pick up around Zhenwu as it kept blowing by his body.

His arms were still out by his sides. He is still in his calm chi flow form. Then suddenly, this wind. This wind out of nowhere, came swirling with a leaf following it.

The leaf kept following the wind, as the wind descends towards Zhenwu.

The wind is coming towards Zhenwu's face. And so is the leaf.
As the wind approaches, so does the leaf.
The leaf becomes bigger as it comes closer to Zhenwu's face. And so is the wind, as it comes closer.

Then suddenly...Zhenwu's chi is flowing more calmly and smoothly at a good pace! From the narrow pathways of his body into the narrower pathways of his arms!!

The leaf approaches to Zhenwu's face!
Zhenwu opens his eyes quickly in determination!

[Zhenwu] It's time!

Before the leaf hits Zhenwu, Zhenwu brought out his arms. He then makes the hand signs quickly!

[Zhenwu] Start! Wind *chi ring comes out then disperses away* !!

Now, everything went slow motion. The leaf was coming towards him slowly.

Zhenwu lowered his arm. The wind starts to pick up around his arm as he does this.
As Zhenwu lowered his arm further back before the leaf hits him, the wind starts to collect around the wooden post.
Then up with his might as he raised his arm in front of him at full speed!

Everything now goes in fast motion!


The wind that was collecting around the wooden post suddenly turned into a big tornado!! This transparent tornado was so big that it quickly gathered a lot of dust and breaks the wooden post in half as it is being carried off of the ground!! Not only that, the rock is quickly spinning in circles as it is hanging onto the wooden post!!

The surrounding of the wooden post is completely destroyed leaving only dirt and no grass!
Everything at full power!! Such amazing release!!!

[Eruki] *shocked* such powerful release for a basic wind skill! So it was in his blood after all.

Now it goes to normal motion as the transparent twister goes away leaving the broken wooden post to fall onto the ground.

The leaf that was coming for Zhenwu, flew away from him during the action. There it makes its appearance as it slowly goes down towards the broken wooden post. The leaf settles down and remains still on top of it.

[Zhenwu] I did it!! I learned the wind element!!
[Eruki] Good job Zhenwu! You got the hard part out of the way, and that's something to be happy about!
[Zhenwu] I sure am happy about it!
[Eruki] Now, since you achieved the wind element. You can make your own wind skills to prepare for the upcoming tournament, having known you already.
[Zhenwu] Yeah! It's no problem! It's not difficult to make my own skills.
[Eruki] Good! Now since we got the hard part out of the way, it's time we learn how to use these needles. It is very easy once you get the hang of it.
[Zhenwu] Yeah! Let's do this!
[Eruki] That’s the spirit!
[Zhenwu] By the way Eruki. When I learned a new element, I didn’t see any consequence. Maybe I didn’t get it. I’m just curious, what would that consequence or risk been if it did happened to me after I learn a new element? Since I didn’t get any consequence, maybe it couldn’t have been that bad of a risk.
[Eruki] Oh that. I forgot to tell you hehe. Your chi system would go out of control to the point where you either die or have your body become disfigured badly along with your disfigured chi pathways.
[Zhenwu] What?! Why you didn’t tell me?!
[Eruki] Well. You didn’t want to be useless didn’t you? If I told you, you wouldn’t be motivated. Probably more discouraged.
[Zhenwu] I see. Well good thing you didn’t tell me. I would probably have given up if I known about this. I see I am lucky to learn another element, so that’s a great thing!
[Eruki] Yeah it is! Now let’s continue with training!

And so Zhenwu continues with his training with Eruki as he prepares for the tournament. Not long before the tournament arrives. It is within few weeks before the real battle begins!

The battle to prove you are not useless!

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