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CH 29.38, Cooking Up in the Heatwave by dannytranvan CH 29.38, Cooking Up in the Heatwave by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016

The heatwave continues to spread throughout the whole battle area quickly! As the orange heatwaves bounces off the ceiling, walls, and ground, it begins to slow down!

As few seconds went by, the heatwave slows down enough to where the whole battle area is completely filled with slow and hot heatwaves. Some of the heatwaves made it through the waiting area, but it was too small compared to the big space inside of the battle area! However, that doesn’t stop the heatwave! Only a little bit of the heatwave slowly goes through the waiting area as time goes by!

At the fourth floor.

[Announcer] This is bad!! It looks like the whole battle area is filled with Kiri’s hot heatwaves. It’s like an oven in there!!
[Kenta] This is not good for Zhenwu!
[Yudai] hmm…

At the waiting area.

[Zhenhai] *stands up from sitting* Better to watch it in the Lounge. Too hot here.
[Jin] *stands along the wall calmly*

What? Why isn’t Jin bothered by this heat?!

[Jin] I’m staying. Our clan is used to dealing with this heat.
[Zhenhai] I see. Have fun watching it here. *walks away to Lounge*

Back in the battle area with the tree gone, there is Zhenwu lying face down on the ground. The heatwaves slowly pass over him and while this is happening, Kiri begins to talk.

[Kiri] Ha! Is that really all you got?!

In response, Zhenwu struggles to get up.
With one hand out to push him up and the other hand down to hold him up, he continues struggling to get up!
However, Zhenwu suddenly felt a pain!!
As the heatwaves slowly go around in the battle area, there is Zhenwu who is heating up!
The pain Zhenwu felt is from the heatwaves that is making contact to Zhenwu’s scorched arms!
That’s right! Zhenwu is heating up because of this!
Smokes are coming off of his scorched arms as the heatwaves slowly heat up his injuries!
Unable to deal with this continuos pain, Zhenwu immediately falls face down when he got up half way!! Dusts went everywhere in the path where his hands slide!

There the view went close to Zhenwu’s face.
He slowly turns his head to see Kiri.

[Zhenwu] (it hurts...I can’t make it...)

His Dark Eyes slowly change back to normal.
His eyes are now black.
Zhenwu is still feeling continuous pain on his arms!
He slowly begins to close his eyes as the view slowly zooms out away from him.
Is this the end of Zhenwu? Is this how the battle is going to end?

Among the audience, is Eruki as she quickly yells!
But her yells can’t be heard as a flashback slowly appears.
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August 18, 2016
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