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CH 19.3, Street Market by dannytranvan CH 19.3, Street Market by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 30 May 2015 (4 March 2017)

It's been a few days since Ming and I are friends. I introduced Ming to Suoje when he came back realizing that he forgot about me when he ran away.

Few days had gone by. Ming's mom decided to take us to a street market. It's been a long time since I went on a street market. The last time I went was when I was with my mom and dad.

We arrived to the entrance of the street market in the Lantern village. Ming and I were in admiration as we looked ahead. There. There is food everywhere! On my left is a restaurant! It's so amazing! I can see the people in there eating! On my right is a person behind a table selling food! Wow, this street market is awesome!!

At this moment, Zhenwu is excited to see a street market after a long time.

[Ming's mother] Want to get something to eat? I'll pay for you guys.
[Ming] Yes mom!
[Zhenwu] Yes if it is all right with you.
[Ming's mother] What about you Suoje?
[Suoje] I'm good, I've already eaten.
[Ming's mother] Okay. Go ahead and pick what you guys want, I'll pay the man behind the table.
[Zhenwu and Ming] Okay!

Zhenwu and Ming ran up the table.

[Ming] Can I have this one *pointing at the dango*?
[???] Sure. And you?
[Zhenwu] Uh.. I'll have this one *pointing at the beef skewer*!
[???] All right! That'll cost you both 100 gold!
[Ming's mother] *behind them* okay, 100 gold. *hands over the gold colored coin with the number of 100 embossed on it to the man*
[???] Thank you! Enjoy your food and have a nice day!
[Zhenwu and Ming] Thank you! (to the man)
[Ming] Thank you mom!
[Zhenwu] Thank you! (to Ming's mother)
[Ming's mother] Okay. Zhenwu, Suoje, and Ming, you all go over there and eat while I go to this restaurant to eat. After you guys done eating, you all can go play, but don't go too far away from me.

[Suoje, Ming, & Zhenwu] Okay!
[Suoje] So where you guys wanna sit?
[Ming] How about there? It's not crowded with many people walking by.
[Zhenwu] You sure? Your mom said not to go too far from her.
[Ming] Don't worry. We will finish eating shortly. After that, we can go play around where my mom is.
[Zhenwu] okay..

Suoje, Ming, and Zhenwu headed to the direction of where the building is. They sat on the wooden porch hanging outside of the building.

[Ming] mm! This food is good!
[Zhenwu] *chew* it sure is!

Suoje heard something.

[Suoje] I'll be right back, you guys stay there.

Suoje walked up to where he heard the noise. He walked to the left and sees a person hitting a bag hanging from the ceiling.

[Suoje] *impressed* wow…

Suoje continues to watch. He admires how the guy punches the bag in the window.

[Suoje] those punches are fast...and powerful...he must be strong.

There is Zhenwu and Ming as they continue to enjoy their food. While Suoje is looking at this guy punching the bag and Zhenwu continues to enjoy his food, a figure walked in front of Ming.

The figure stopped.

Ming didn't notice the figure until she finished chewing her first meatball.

When she noticed..

[Ming] Huh?

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