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CH 21.3, At the Waiting Area by dannytranvan CH 21.3, At the Waiting Area by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 13 June 2015 (12 June 2017)

Oh...this hallway..
IS TAKING FOREVER! It's been over 5 minutes since I had been walking through this hallway. It feels endless. I continued to walk hoping that I will arrive to the waiting area soon.

And so, I continued to walk. I’m so tired after walking for over 10 minutes. Well, after all, this is a big arena. After walking for a few more minutes, I heard a voice when I walked further down the hallway.

[???] Is that you...Zhenwu?

I ran ahead because I recognize that voice! It is the voice of the person that saved us from getting further injured by the bad guy when I was little.

It is..


[Zhenwu] Pac!!
[Pac] It's you Zhenwu!! Long time no see! How are you? Everything been going good for you?
[Zhenwu] Everything is going okay. Right now I have to settle a little business in this tournament.
[Pac] Business? Like what?
[Zhenwu] Proving that I'm not useless!
[Pac] Oh I see! I can't wait to see you out there in the battle area.
[Zhenwu] By the way, why are you participating in this tournament? The opponents know how to use elements and all that. It's dangerous for you.
[Pac] Don't worry. To be a strong fighter, you have to take on dangerous situations to become stronger. Maybe I can't create elements, but I have something that's worth fighting against them.
[Zhenwu] Oh! I'm looking forward to see you fight.

Pac smiled. Few seconds passed by. I asked Pac another question.

[Zhenwu] Pac, who's that guy over there sitting on the steps?
[Pac] Hmm.. I'm not sure. He looks new to this Lantern Village. He's probably from another village.
[Zhenwu] Whoa, a player from another village..
[Pac] Yeah, as for that guy over there against the wall, I not sure who he is, but he's been having his eyes closed with his arms folded. Do you know him?
[Zhenwu] ! (him!) Yes I know him. His name is Jin, a member from my clan.
[Pac] Ah, clan mates in a tournament. Maybe there are more?
[Zhenwu] If he is here, probably there is more.
[Pac] How strong is that Jin of yours?
[Zhenwu] I don't know. I never fought him in a battle before.
[Pac] Oh. Then we'll have to see in this tournament.
[Zhenwu] Yeah.

I walked ahead, to see the opening on the left. When I looked at the opening, it appears to be the entrance to the battle area. Wow, such big area to battle. I walk on the stairs in the opening. When I walk to the other side of it, I am now in the battle area. I looked up from where I stood, and I see this glass looking roof. I question myself, why is there a glass roof? Is it to protect the audience? I'm not sure, but maybe it is.

The four of us, Pac, Jin, I, and the mysterious player, are now waiting for the tournament to begin.

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June 13, 2015
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