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CH 21.4, Welcoming the Audience by dannytranvan CH 21.4, Welcoming the Audience by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 13 June 2015 (5 March 2017)

At the opening window of the 4th floor.

[Announcer] Hello! Hello everyone! It's that time of the year again! The PVP Tournament returns with battles waiting for you to see!

The audience cheers!

[Announcer] For the first time out of many PVP Tournaments we had, the moderator of the Lantern Village attends the PVP Tournament here at this 4th floor! Give a cheer for moderator Yudai!

The audience cheers louder!!

[Announcer] Before we begin, let me tell you all the rules of this tournament! These are very simple rules. If the player surrenders, the other player wins! If the player is obviously unable to continue, then the win goes to the other player! If the player goes out of bounds by going past the red fences in the waiting area, then the other player wins! And at last, if the player kills another player, the player who kills is disqualified! But don’t worry! Players can use weapons and chi as long as they don’t kill the other player!

The audience cheers!
The announcer continues to speak.

[Announcer] As usual we have a reward for the champion of the tournament! This time it is a rare reward brought by our blacksmith! Let me introduce to you all our blacksmith, Kenta!!
[Kenta] Hello everyone! ^^ As you can see, I am here because I have something rare. Whoever wins the champion of this tournament can have this rare reward!
[Announcer] You hear that participants?! Become a champion and you can have this rare reward!! Not only that, you will also win 10,000 tokens!!! So do your best to become the Champion!!


In the 4th floor, moderator Yudai sits at the table with the announcer while the announcer welcomes the audience.

[Yudai] *in curiosity* This PVP Tournament, should be interesting.
[Announcer] All right everyone! Who's ready to see who will be fighting in this exciting PVP Tournament?!

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June 13, 2015
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