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CH 22.14, Ekuto, Lava User, vs by dannytranvan CH 22.14, Ekuto, Lava User, vs by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 5 July 2015 (9 March 2017)

Inside the Cover is Ekuto.

[Ekuto] Fast Punches...Fast Movements...
They shall all end!! *slams hands on the ground with chi rings coming out from hands*
Lava Release: Pressured Balls!!!

The outside of the Cover begins to change its appearance! From solid hardened rocks with thin lava flowing to hardened rocks rolling inwards into pressured lava balls!


[Ekuto] OUT!!

Inside what used to be a Cover, Ekuto hits the inside surface with his hands after the pressured lava balls were made.

Out they shoot when Ekuto yelled OUT!!

Fast these pressured lava balls went! Everywhere within the radius of Ekuto's location!

[Pac] Uuughh!!

The pressured lava balls hit Pac! On the stomach and on his arms!!

When the lava balls stopped flying, they roll on the ground slowly. Slowly as they roll until they stop. When the lava balls stopped, it blew out very hot smoke causing the whole battle area to be filled with smoke. TSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!The sound it made!

[Ekuto] Lava Release: Wuto!!

Ekuto makes a release on the ground with both of his hands (with chi ring coming out from hands) causing the bright orange lava to burst out from the ground in front of him! From the ground, a figure is being formed within the smoke!
Soon enough, a lava figure comes out from the ground and forms a shape of a legless centipede!! Quickly Ekuto jumped onto his Wuto with steam coming out from its mouth to prepare to take down Pac!

[Ekuto] It's time to end the battle.

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August 10, 2015
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