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CH 22.27, No... by dannytranvan CH 22.27, No... by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 2 August 2015 (10 March 2017)

The Sergeant (part of the Police, or Peace Enforcement. A rank given to a person who is the leader of the officers) of the Lantern Village is escorting a criminal through the village. The officers (also part of the Police, Peace Enforcement. A rank where a person must enforce order of peace in the village, sometimes given orders by Sergeant) are there by the criminal's side to make sure he doesn't run away.

The Father is now a criminal. Shameful Father, doing such criminal act.

There are crowds of people around him as the police (the villagers view them as police, ranking is not important to them, police is police) are escorting him through the Lantern Village to prison.

You can hear the crowded people around him whispering and showing shame to the criminal.

[Woman] *whispers* Have you heard?
[Woman's friend] *whispers back* Heard what?
[Woman] *whispers* This man here forced his son to steal food for him!
[Woman's friend] *whispers back* Such shameful act. He deserves to die. No one should use their child like that!
[Man] *Shakes head slowly in shame*
[Another Man] Stupid Man!! You deserve no child!
[Another Man Somewhere] Get a job you lazy man! People who are lazy don't deserve to live in this village!

The hateful shouts, the disappointments, the shame this criminal brought upon the village.

[Woman] A man like you is a bad influence to his child! Die in Hell !!

It continues as the police walks the criminal to the prison. The criminal looks down in burden as he continues to walk.

So much hate to this criminal. Do they hate him because he is a criminal?

There is a young person along the walls of a building. He is standing along the wall.

[Pac] ...

The people continue to show hate and disappointment to the criminal.

[Pac] ... (They are judging him…based on what they currently see in front of them…)

Pac continues to think.

[Pac] .... (They don't know what caused him to do this... because I saw the whole thing...)

Pac closes his left hand into a fist.

[Pac] ... (They are poor. The father had no choice…they had to do this or his son and he will both die)

Pac is mad how the people are judging the criminal without knowing what led the criminal to do such things.

[Pac] If only I had the money, I would be able to help them out. But…I don't have the money. The food here are expensive. I hope I can find a way to help them they won’t suffer…

The flashback is gone. There is dust.
Pac is suffering badly in the dust. He is close to dying from his injuries. He is coming close to deciding to give up, but with a little look of this flashback he had....

[Pac] No...!!

Suffering in pain from his deadly injuries, his hand comes out covered in smokes!

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August 10, 2015
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