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CH 22.28, I Have A Reason to Fight by dannytranvan CH 22.28, I Have A Reason to Fight by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 3 August 2015 (10 March 2017)

At the fourth floor of the arena.

[Announcer] *talking on microphone to audience* Whoa! It looks like Pac is still alive! He is still willing to fight on!
[Yudai] I'm impressed.
[Kenta] It looks like the explosion only hit him on his body…He can still move his legs, but with difficulty.

At the battle area.

Out in pain as Pac stood up slowly. His legs shaking a bit from the big impact on his body.

[Pac] I can't just give up now...

Pac tries to stand up firmly but the injury is too great on him.

[Pac] Giving up…makes this whole fight pointless to me…the father and son are suffering more than I am…

Pac tries to endure the pain on his body.
While he endures the pain, he closed his right hand as he tries to charge for yellow aura.

[Pac] I have a Reason to Fight.

Ekuto hears Pac outside his Cover as he is recovering his chi.

[Ekuto] Knew it. Not enough chi though, but it is okay, he is weak now. He can't do much with what he has now.

Pac walks slowly as he tries to reach for the Cover Ekuto is in.

[Pac] And that reason…is to win…no matter how much I suffer…so that I can end their suffering!!

The yellow aura of Kintai is shining around his right rand!
Pac sees the Cover. Pac notices the Cover is becoming cold. Going from hard and hot rocks surrounded by bright orange lava flow into weak and cold rocks surrounded by dark orange lava flow!  It looks like the Cover can no longer stay heated!!

[Pac] Seeing it getting cold means I have a chance to bring this guy down.

And so Pac runs towards the Cover to see if he can break through it!

[Ekuto] I hear his footsteps. I will have to change my Cover to finish him off!!

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August 10, 2015
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