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CH 22.29, Breaking Through for a K!!!! by dannytranvan CH 22.29, Breaking Through for a K!!!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 3 August 2015

When Pac is close to the Cover, he brings back his right arm and slams his fist towards it!

Pf!!! You can hear the noise his fist makes with the Cover, but…the Cover did not break!!

Pac and Ekuto are determined to take each other down.
Ekuto slams both of his hands onto the ground (chi rings come out from both hands) to begin changing his Cover into Pressured Balls!
Pac bent his right arm as the yellow flashing aura remains when suddenly it disappears!
What is going on?!

[Pac] The cover should be weak by now, but...It is not.! The cover is hard like a mountain! I can’t break through it!!
[Ekuto] I will blow you away with these Pressured Balls!

Pac sees the Cover is changing like before!!
Many sections of the Cover’s surface are changing inwards into Pressured Balls!
The lava begins to heat up as the Cover changes!
However, Pac sees the change is going slow, not fast like before!

[Ekuto] (It shouldn’t matter if I change my Cover slowly. He’s too weak. There’s nothing he can do about it!)

While Pac's arm is bent, he sees the opportunity as soon as he felt the Cover becoming weak during its changing process.

[Pac] (Maybe it is impossible to break through his Cover when it is hardened, but it is possible to break through it while it changes! A little heat from the Cover shouldn't be a problem. It will just hurt a bit, but not as bad as it was when I hit his Cover for the first time.)

Pac's right hand begins to burn up slowly from the Cover’s heat, but he refuses to give up no matter how much he suffers!!
He is willing to go through all the pain just to defeat Ekuto!

Soon enough, Pac is yelling out!! It looks like he’s yelling out in pain, but he’s not!! He’s actually yelling out in determination!! He’s determined to beat Ekuto!!!

[Pac] *straightens right arm out quickly* K!!!!

The yellow aura quickly appears out of nowhere and expanded into a gigantic shape of Pac’s right fist!!! The gigantic yellow fist broke through the front Cover landing a direct hit onto Ekuto’s face!!!!

Right at Ekuto’s face just when the Cover was almost done changing!!!

[Ekuto] *eyes closed in pain from the punch* Damn.!!

The powerful K quickly disappeared away launching Ekuto away!!
There it shows Ekuto spinning backwards through the back of his Cover onto the wall behind him!!!

After hitting the wall, Ekuto fell onto the ground leaving the wall behind him not harmed!!! There the monitor shows Ekuto lying unconscious on the ground!!!

The audience is in shock!! The audience cheers!! There the announcer freaks out saying, “Whoa!! Ekuto got knocked out by Pac!!!

Yudai, Kenta, and the Announcer look at each other in the face from the fourth floor. They all nodded and decided to make it official!

[Announcer] It looks like Pac won the battle!! From the decision not only made by me, but Yudai and Kenta as well! We have declared Pac winner by obvious defeat!!

A gong noise was made, ending the battle.

[Announcer] Let’s once again give a cheer for Pac!!!

The audience cheers!! Jin opens one of his eyes and sees Ekuto lost. Kiri on the other side is surprised that Ekuto had lost against Pac. As for Zhenwu, he sees Pac is stronger than he thought. Zhenhai and the others remained calm as they saw the results. The first battle of round 1 has ended.

At the fourth floor.

[Yudai] Now that's impressive. Not giving up.
[Kenta] Must have been very painful for Pac to endure all that.
[Yudai] Pac, is what I call, someone who have a reason to fight.

At the battle area.

[Pac] Finally… *falls down to floor, face down*
[Announcer] All right everyone! It is time for a break! We will have a 15-minute break, so if you need something to eat, drink, or go to the restroom, feel free to visit the lounge! See you all soon!

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