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CH 24.12, Light the World! by dannytranvan CH 24.12, Light the World! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 5 October 2015 (13 April 2017)

The fire is still ignited by Jin's hand. The audience became silent.
Without a doubt, Jin opened his hand wide-open! The ignition of the fire was turned off, leaving behind the persistent orange flame! Jin closed his hand into a fist as the flame still persists!! What's going on?!

[Jin] Fire Release: Light the World.

Jin slammed his right hand towards the ground!! The orange flame, which was persisting in his hand, quickly blew out in flames as it quickly disperses away from around his right hand!!
For a moment, nothing happened until suddenly the whole battle area is brightened!
Jin brought his hand back up as he stood back up.
Orange colored flames start to appear on Yuyan's feet!


Yuyan didn't notice it until a few seconds later when it starts hurting him!

[Yuyan] What the?! Where are these flames coming from?!

Yuyan jumped back!! The flames disappeared! But as soon as he made contact with the ground again, the flames come back! There is Yuyan sliding backwards from jumping back as the flames follow him!! TSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

More flames appear on his feet when he stood still in a steady position!


[Yuyan] What?! There was nothing on this ground! How can this happen?? It must be only the ground that's the problem.

He jumped up and landed onto the wall of the battle area! Flames appear on his hands and feet as they made contact to the wall!!


[Yuyan] How can it be on the wall too?! What's going on?!!

Yuyan jumped off from the wall and started jumping everywhere on the battle area!

Yuyan struggles as he tries to stop the flames from appearing by moving everywhere! But it is useless!! May it be the wall or the ground he comes in contact with, flames still appear!!

It finally came to a point when Yuyan finally gave up due to the flame burning his body badly.


Yuyan lies there in flames on the ground, in defeat.

[Jin] It's game over for you.

The whole battle area suddenly brightened down to its normal self.

Yudai, Kenta, and the Announcer look at each other in the face from the fourth floor. They all nodded and decided to make it official!

[Announcer] It is what you see!! We have declared Jin winner by obvious defeat!! Congratulations Jin!! You won the second battle of this Tournament! It’s now time for a break. The battle is over and we’ll see you all in 15 minutes!

The man hits the gong to show that the battle is officially over!
The audience cheers seeing that the battle is over!

At the waiting area.

[Zhenwu] I never seen such Skill like that..
[Kiri] Heh. I knew he would win. It is just a matter of figuring out your opponent to defeat them.
[Zhenhai] ...
[Axel] Whew. I felt that power when he used that Skill. Strong.

Meanwhile at the battle area.
The support people came with their stretcher to bring the injured Yuyan into the Support Room.
Jin walked away from the battle area into the waiting area to rest against the wall where he last left it. There, he closes his eyes once again with his arms folded.

At the fourth floor.

[Yudai] That Jin guy is something.
[Kenta] How did he figure Yuyan was predicting his moves?
[Yudai] I think it was that last move he made that became all clear to him.
[Kenta] I see. So who’s up next?
[Yudai] After the break, Axel and Zhenhai are next. Zhenhai is another person who is not from this village.

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