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CH 26.10, Purify by dannytranvan CH 26.10, Purify by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 11 March 2016 (14 May 2017)

[Axel] Damn! (He managed to avoid my attack by using his water skill. It’s okay. I still have time to attack him while he is trapped in my Yizhi! Judging by his skill, it will dive back into the water. So I still have a chance to take him down!) *uses mudras* Start! Wind! Flow!! *release comes out* *breathes in air*

Axel starts to sweat more!
His Keaisu eyes continue to spin inwards as he breathes in air for his next attack!

There is Zhenhai, who is behind his Shayu, still spinning.
But wait!! Something strange happened!!

Zhenhai is suddenly glowing! He is having this blue glow on his body!! Wait! What’s going on?! The Yizhi that was spinning Zhenhai around has dispersed away!! It is gone as Zhenhai is surrounded by this blue aura!!

Up close to Zhenhai, came something shocking!

[Zhenhai] Heheh. *Smiles* Purify.

Purify?! Is this a skill he used? No! He hasn’t used any mudras!! Just what is this Purify? How is he able to do this?

There is Zhenwu looking at Zhenhai from a distance.

[Zhenwu] Hmm. This blue glow. I see.. I know who will win.

The blue aura that is glowing around Zhenhai suddenly glows away!
Zhenhai quickly grabbed something in both of his pockets!

There the scene shows Axel, he is finally finished breathing in air for his next attack.
Then suddenly, something caught him by surprise!

There, before Axel’s eyes, he sees Zhenhai riding on his Shayu before it dives back into the water!!

[Axel] What?! (How did he get out of my Yizhi that quickly?!)

There, Axel’s and Zhenhai’s eyes meet each other!! Axel is prepared to shoot his next attack and Zhenhai is prepared for what’s coming for him!!

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March 12, 2016
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