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CH 26.11, Cutting Through the Offense! by dannytranvan CH 26.11, Cutting Through the Offense! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 11 March 2016

[Axel] Tch! (He got out of my Yizhi quickly, however, that shark won’t keep up with that speed much longer!! I will shoot him down!) Wind Release: Bulleto!!!!

Axel shoots out many attacks into the air as his Keaisu eyes continues to spin!! It is coming straight towards Zhenhai who is on his Shayu!!

[Zhenhai] Ha! You think that will stop me?

As Zhenhai’s Shayu is coming closer to Axel, he prepares his shuriken.
And so the conflict begins!!
One of Axel’s Bulletos comes close to Zhenhai!
Zhenhai quickly swings one of his shuriken to break the Bulleto away!!
Another Bulleto comes and so Zhenhai uses his other arm to swing the shuriken!
The Bulleto, made of air, is broken away by his shuriken!!
More Bulleto starts coming by and so Zhenhai continues to cut through all of them as he continues moving closer to Axel!!

Axel sees his attacks are not enough so he decides to do another round of Bulletos!!

[Axel] (Damn. He is cutting through all of them. I must shoot him down quick!!!) *mudras* Start! Wind! Flow! *release comes out* Wind Release: Bulleto!!

As Axel’s eyes continue to spin, he quickly inhales air and blows out many Bulletos towards Zhenhai again!!!
Zhenhai continues to cut the Bulletos off as they are coming close to him!!
Quickly Zhenhai notices his Shayu is about to dive back into the water at the end of his Qulake, and so he prepares as he continues cutting through Axel’s attack!

As soon as the Shayu dives back into the water, Zhenhai quickly jumps off!
Axel sees another chance and continues to shoot out his Bulletos by redirecting them towards Zhenhai’s location!
But Zhenhai keeps cutting through!!
As Zhenhai quickly cuts through the Bulletos one after another with his shuriken, he quickly landed onto the ground and continues to cut through Axel’s attack!!!
Zhenhai is getting closer to Axel!!

Axel tries to shoot down Zhenhai, but he keeps getting closer to him!
Will Axel be able to shoot down Zhenhai?
Or will he not?
Stay tune to find out!

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March 12, 2016
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