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CH 26.13, Gotcha!! by dannytranvan CH 26.13, Gotcha!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 11 March 2016 (14 May 2017)

Axel has won the battle against Zhenhai after many efforts!!
Everyone in the crowd is cheering!

At the fourth floor.

[Announcer] Whoa!!

The announcer looks at Yudai and Kenta to determine whether Axel has won or not.

[Kenta] He won. Zhenhai’s flat down on the ground from all those attacks.
[Yudai] Hmm…
[Announcer] *goes off mic* Moderator? What do you think? I think Axel won as well.

After a few more seconds of thinking, Yudai has finally made a decision.

[Yudai] Hold on. This seems too good to be true.
[Announcer] I see. *goes on mic* Zhenhai is on the ground and Axel’s is left standing up!! Is this it for Zhenhai?!

At the battle area.

[Axel] *breathes* It is. I caused enough damage on him to take him down.

The Audience cheers!
Singh and Goober cheers as well!!

[Singh] Great job Axel!!
[Goober] Nice!!
[Axel] *looks up at Singh and Goober, then smiles* Yeah! I won this!!

At the waiting area.

There is Kiri, Zhenwu, and Jin.
They are smiling. But why are they smiling?

[Zhenhai] *hands already held together underneath him, release comes out* (Water Release: Refresh!) *smiles*

What?!!! It turns out the reason they are smiling is because Zhenhai is covered with transparent water flowing on him!!
Zhenhai is surrounded by transparent sparkles!!
Zhenhai is healing!!

And soon enough, right before Axel realizes what’s going on, Zhenhai quickly got up and made some mudras (Start, Water) to make a release (release comes out)!!
There is water bursting out from his left hand!
The water begins to form from his hand towards around his arm!!
Quickly the water turned into a shark!!
And soon enough Zhenhai stabbed Axel with his shark!!
It took a big bite at the side of Axel’s body!!

[Axel] !!!! (What?! I thought he lost!!) How?!
[Zhenhai] Gotcha!! You left yourself off guard!!!
[Axel] Ugh!!

[Announcer] Whoa!! A sudden turn of the battle has occurred!! It looks like Zhenhai was not defeated!!

The audience went in shock as they see Zhenhai is not defeated!!

Among the Audience

[Singh] What?!!
[Goober] I thought he was defeated!!

At the Battle Area

[Zhenhai] You shouldn’t have left yourself off guard into thinking you won!
[Axel] !! How are you still able to move?!
[Zhenhai] You actually thought you defeated me huh? I just played along with your tired self. I noticed you been sweating a lot.
[Axel] (!!)
[Zhenhai] Even if you were not sweating, you must have been dizzy and unfocused at some point.
[Axel] (This guy!)
[Zhenhai] You know how I know? It’s because of that Talent of yours. Each time you use a skill, it uses up your chi. Maybe it is not a big deal if you spam your skill 2 or 3 times. But if you are gonna spam your skill 50 or more times, your chi usage is gonna add up a hell lot. You are probably out of chi now.
[Axel] Damn!
[Zhenhai] Your Talent is powerful. You can spam all you want without worrying about cooldowns. But in the end, your Talent relies on your chi. Without it, you can’t spam or even use a skill at all.
[Axel] !!

Axel who was attacked by Zhenhai’s Shang suddenly fainted onto the ground.

[Announcer] Whoa! What a surprise in the end! We have declared Zhenhai winner by obvious defeat!! Congratulations to Zhenhai for winning this battle!! It is time for a break everyone! 15 minutes and we will return to the next coming battle!!

The man hits the gong to officially end the battle.

The audience cheers as they can’t wait for the next battle like they did before.
And soon the audience exists from the second floor and heads to the Lounge.

While the audience leaves, there is Zhenhai who leaves Axel behind in the battle area.
He exists from the battle area and enters through the waiting area.

There, Zhenwu stares at Zhenhai as he walks pass by him.

[Zhenwu] (Who is he?)

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