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CH 26.5, I Must Not Let My Efforts Waste Again!! by dannytranvan CH 26.5, I Must Not Let My Efforts Waste Again!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 11 March 2016 (14 May 2017)

After being hit by multiple Jets beneath him, Axel flew backwards and then collided onto the ground.

Axel quickly stood up to see what’s going on as he wipes off the dust from his face.

[Axel] (So he can attack at long distance like me. Not only that, he leaves himself off guard when I am further away from him.)

Axel observes the injury he caused on Zhenhai.

[Axel] (If I can keep this up, I should be able to win this battle.)

From a far distance, there were hands clapped! The sound of release comes out.
This caught Axel’s attention.

[Zhenhai] Water Release: Refresh!

And right before Axel’s eyes, he sees Zhenhai covered in flowing transparent water with transparent sparkles everywhere on him.

Axel notices a change on Zhenhai’s body. The injury he caused on Zhenhai is beginning to close in. The blood running down on his arm is disappearing too! Axel wipes his eyes with his hands to see if he is just “seeing things” but it turns out it was not!

What he saw was actually Zhenhai healing!! Zhenhai fully recovered!!

[Axel] (!! He healed!! My efforts been wasted!! This is not good. Not only is he a long distance attacker and carelessly leave himself off guard, but he can also heal!)
[Zhenhai] *observes his injured arm* Looks like it’s all healed. Let’s see what you got next!
[Axel] Tch! (I must not let him heal again! I have to take him down quickly before the cooldowns of his healing skill is over!) *activates Keaisu!*

Axel’s black eyes began turning into white with three bright green blades appearing one after another in each of his eye!!
His eyes technique, Keaisu, is activated!!

[Axel] (I must attack him all in one go!)*green blades in eyes begin to spin inwards* *uses mudras* START!! WIND!! FLOW!! *release comes out* Wind Release: Bulleto!!!

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March 12, 2016
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