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CH 27.1, Moderator Yudai's Daughter by dannytranvan CH 27.1, Moderator Yudai's Daughter by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 14 April 2016 (12 June 2017)

After the call for break, the scene went to the fourth floor.

[Yudai] That battle surprised me.
[Ken] Same here.
[Yudai] This Zhenhai. I wonder how he is able to possess Dark Eyes?
[Announcer] *turns around to face Yudai* I heard only the Zhinto family are able to possess those eyes.
[Yudai] That’s what’s getting me. How is he able to possess it if he is from the Wuto family?
[Announcer] Beats me. This is the first time I see him.
[Yudai] There’s something strange about him. Anyways, we will investigate that later.
[Announcer] Yeah. So who are the next two people up for the next battle?
[Yudai] Hmm.

Yudai looks down on the paper in front of him. There, he sees the next two people for the next fight.
But suddenly, there is a sound coming from behind them.

[Passcode Machine] ACCESS GRANTED

This got Yudai, Ken, and Announcer’s attention!
No one else should be able to have access here besides them!
They quickly take a look at the door to see who it is.

The door slides open to the left to reveal…

Moderator Yudai’s daughter!

Yudai, Ken, and the Announcer are relieved.

They must have forgotten that Yudai’s daughter and wife have access to the fourth floor too! The battles must have made them forget about this!

[Yusha] Dad!!!
[Yudai] Yusha! How did the mission go for you?
[Yusha] It went great! That mission got me tired.
[Yudai] It’s all right. A battle for this tournament is coming soon. Why not give it a rest and watch this fight?
[Yusha] Ooooh!! Sure Dad! It’s been a long time since I see a tournament battle.
[Yudai] Haha. That’s good!
[Announcer] So who’s coming up next Moderator?
[Yudai] *quickly looks down on the paper in front of him* It looks like Kiri and Zhenwu are next.
[Ken] ! Aren’t they both Zhinto?
[Yudai] Yeah they are.
[Ken] This will be an interesting battle.
[Yusha] Whoaa! A battle between Zhinto members?! It’s rare I see a Zhinto member fight against one of theirs.
[Yudai] Yes indeed. Why not you go out to the lounge to rest and get ready to see the coming battle?
[Yusha] Okay! I’ll see you later! Bye Ken and Announcer~
[Ken & Announcer] Bye!

Yusha enters the passcode.

[Passcode Machine] ACCESS GRANTED

The door slides open to the left and Yusha leaves the room. The door close behind her.

[Ken] A Zhinto against another Zhinto. This battle will end quickly.
[Announcer] Yeap. After all, it’s in their blood.
[Yudai] Let’s see how this battle goes especially for Zhenwu.

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April 14, 2016
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