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CH 29.1, Zhenwu vs Kiri! by dannytranvan CH 29.1, Zhenwu vs Kiri! by dannytranvan


[Announcer] The break is over! Welcome back everyone!! It looks like we have one more battle before we proceed to round 2! Who’s ready for this next battle?!

The audience cheers!

[Announcer] Good! Our last battle for round 1 appears to be 2 Zhinto members going against each other! They are Zhenwu and Kiri!!

The audience cheers once again!

Zhenwu exits from the waiting area (on the right side of the battle area).
Kiri exits from the waiting area (on the left side of the battle area).

They both walk towards each other.
Zhenwu with his serious face and Kiri with his smirk face.

They finally stood across each other, staring as they wait for the battle to begin.

[Announcer] Who is ready for this battle to begin?!
[Audience] *cheers*
[Yusha] Yeah! We are!!
[Eruki] You can do this Zhenwu!!
[Jin] *eyes closed with arms folded while standing along the wall* (The trial begins.)

In the support room are Pac, Ekuto, and Axel resting on their beds.
As soon as Zhenwu’s and Kiri’s name were announced, Pac and Ekuto both lift their head a little as they take a look at the monitor in the room.
Axel, didn’t lift his head since he is too injured from his recent fight against Zhenhai. Instead, he stays asleep as he recovers.
Pac and Ekuto are still injured as they look at the monitor.

[Pac] (Show me how strong you became.!)
[Ekuto] (It finally begins...)

At the fourth floor.

[Yudai] *stares down at the battle area and then takes a look at Zhenwu* (let’s see if you improved since then)

Back at the arena where the audience is.
Everyone is still cheering as they are waiting for the battle to begin.
The announcer waits a little bit as he looks around. He sees Zhenwu and Kiri are ready, and so the announcer makes his next move!

[Announcer] We heard it!! Let the battle begin!!!

A man hits the gong to begin the battle!

As soon as Zhenwu and Kiri hear the gong noise, they quickly made their move as they stare at each other.

Everything suddenly went into slow motion.
The view closes in onto Zhenwu’s and Kiri’s face.
Then suddenly their face lies next to each other on the view as they begin to make their move.
The view then closes in onto their eyes as their eyes change.

Both Kiri’s and Zhenwu’s eyes started off with black pupils.
Their black pupils suddenly close in towards the center of their eyes.
Their black pupils left a gray color behind as they close in further.
When their black pupils reach its minimum size at the center with gray color around it, Kiri and Zhenwu closed their eyes slowly.
Then it suddenly went into fast motion!
Zhenwu and Kiri quickly opened their eyes!! Black spikes came out on the outer edge of their gray pupils!!!


Zhenwu and Kiri activated their Dark Eyes!!
They start off their battle with Dark Eyes!!
And not only that, they also start off the battle with the Zhinto blood of finishing the battle quickly!!

The battle went into normal motion with Zhenwu and Kiri standing across each other.
They both stare at each other with their Dark Eyes.
Kiri with his smile and his missing tooth.
Zhenwu with his serious face and his determination.

Who do you think will win? Stay tune for the next chapter when Zhenwu and Kiri makes their next move!!

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May 1, 2016
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