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CH 29.22, Starting Off Quick! by dannytranvan CH 29.22, Starting Off Quick! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016

Kiri made his first move!! Quickly Kiri charge to Zhenwu as he is prepared to make his first punch to Zhenwu!
But wait! Something unexpected happen!! Kiri is suddenly stopped when he felt something on his chest!! What could it be?? This “something” Kiri felt was Zhenwu’s right punch!! Zhenwu made his first attack quicker than Kiri!! The fire in Kiri’s hands quickly dispersed away!

[Kiri] ?! (What is going on?! Why is he suddenly faster?!)

Zhenwu is about to throw his left punch!! Quickly, Kiri reacted and managed to block Zhenwu’s attack successfully with his two hands!!

[Kiri] (Hmm…he’s putting a lot of power in his left fist.)

After thinking, Kiri sees an opportunity and turn his hands forward!!
He quickly pushes his hands downwards on Zhenwu’s left fist!! While Kiri is doing this, he brings his right leg up quickly to prepare his counter attack!!

When Kiri pushed Zhenwu’s left fist downwards, Zhenwu begins to lose his balance and falls forward with his front body!!

Quickly Kiri took this chance and hit Zhenwu hard on the face with his right leg!!
The loud noise that was made when Kiri’s leg made contact to Zhenwu’s face!!

Kiri prepares to make his next attack as he ignites red colors of fire in his left hand!!

[Kiri] (I knew it. He didn’t have time to keep his whole body balanced!)

Kiri’s left hand is finished igniting the fire!

[Kiri] You left yourself off balanced!! It’s over for you!!

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August 18, 2016
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