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CH 29.3, Touch Collision!! by dannytranvan CH 29.3, Touch Collision!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016

Kiri not only noticed he missed, but he also noticed the heavy weight on his left arm.
Zhenwu and Kiri quickly glance at each other in that position. Soon, Kiri tried to grab hold onto Zhenwu’s foot, but he failed because Zhenwu quickly launch himself off of Kiri’s hand!! Zhenwu is now away from Kiri!

Kiri and Zhenwu, with their backs facing towards each other in the battle area, quickly release their Skill!
Dark, medium, and bright orange colors of flames start appearing on Kiri’s hands, while there is transparent wind appearing on Zhenwu’s hand. Quickly they turned around and run towards each other!!

Their hands approached close to each other! Starting off with their hands opened! But as soon as their hands gotten closer, they quickly made their opened hands into fists! And soon enough, their fists collided with each other!! Each of them said their skill name at the same time when their fists collided!

[Zhenwu] Wind Release: Wind Touch!!
[Kiri] Fire Release: Fire Touch!!!  

The audience cheers as they see Zhenwu and Kiri making their impact towards each other!
While they cheer, the Announcer quickly says his thoughts about this!

[Announcer] Whoa!! It looks like Zhenwu and Kiri are equally strong!!

After the announcer spoke, the audience cheers out loud once again excited to see who will win!

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August 18, 2016
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