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CH 29.30, Kiri, Scorch User by dannytranvan CH 29.30, Kiri, Scorch User by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (12 June 2017)

[Kiri] For someone to be able to use a high level skill like this...Damn it! I have no choice but to use my new power!!

Kiri stood still as the audience become suddenly silent to see what Kiri is up to.
Few seconds went by when the view slowly went onto Kiri’s face.
Something is changing on his face.
That something is Kiri’s Dark Eyes!
His eyes are changing back to normal.

[Kiri] No need for Dark Eyes for this power.

Kiri then held out his arms next to him with his hands open.
Few more seconds went by when suddenly, balls of fire surrounded by wind, came out of his palms.
Suddenly Kiri quickly brought his arms further down to ignite a new power in his hands!! That power is a Biment!!!

[Kiri] Scorch Release.

The audience suddenly made a noise as the Announcer speaks!

[Announcer] Whoa! Kiri is getting serious here! He is using a new power!! What could it be?!!
[Yudai] *shocked* Scorch? That’s a dangerous power. If I am correct, this power is a combination of both fire and wind element combined together.
[Kenta] So Kiri combining these two elements makes it a Biment. Zhenwu now has a disadvantage.
[Yudai] Maybe. So far I see he’s doing well. For him to push Kiri to use Scorch release, I think Zhenwu is prepared.
[Kenta] True. Let’s see how this battle goes.
[Yudai] Yes. (Show me how much you improved Zhenwu.)

There in the battle area, the scene shows Kiri holding two balls of very bright orange colored scorch as they are surrounded by smokes.
Kiri then smiles as he looks up in the direction where Zhenwu is.

[Kiri] Let’s see how strong you really are!

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August 18, 2016
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