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CH 29.42, TAIFU!!! by dannytranvan CH 29.42, TAIFU!!! by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (26 May 2017)

Zhenwu is half way in the battle area.
Zhenwu suddenly stops walking. He stood still with his eyes covered by his hair.
Slowly Zhenwu brought out his hands next to him. Both of them are opened, but not for long when suddenly Zhenwu close his right hand into a fist.

Quickly Zhenwu slam both his hands together! His left hand is opened, but his right hand is closed! A small transparent tornado comes out from his opened left hand!! It surrounds Zhenwu’s right fist. It was not long before the tornado grows bigger reaching out to Zhenwu’s right arm!!

Quickly Zhenwu look up with hair flying out of his eyes’ way!! In Zhenwu’s eyes is a strong determination to win!!

Kiri sees Zhenwu’s face and quickly responds by throwing his hands in front of him with a determined face to win as well!!

[Kiri]  Scorch Release: Chira!!!!!

The five Chiras quickly launch off towards Zhenwu!!!
As they got close to Zhenwu, the five Chiras immediately grew bigger while keeping its speed!!

As they got close enough, Zhenwu quickly prepares by bringing his left leg up in front of him while his other leg stays behind him!! Quickly Zhenwu holds out his right arm by his side as he waits for Kiri’s Chiras to come at him!!

But there is no need to wait when the Chiras are now close enough to Zhenwu!!
Zhenwu quickly swings his right fist at the Chiras!! And soon without a doubt, the tornado around his right arm makes a collision with Kiri’s Chiras!! Strips of wind are coming out from the tornado!! Zhenwu manage to stop the Chiras from traveling any further!! Zhenwu quickly begins pushing into the Chiras at the center!!

While Zhenwu is struggling, Kiri immediately speaks up!

[Kiri] Don’t think you can stop my Chiras!!
[Zhenwu] (No...)

Zhenwu immediately begins pushing harder with his right fist!!
He hopes to make the Chiras disperse away as he does his best to stall them!!
But something unexpected is happening!!
Zhenwu’s tornado is suddenly absorbing the Chiras slowly!! The Chiras are becoming smaller!!

Is this Kiri’s doing?! Or is this Zhenwu’s doing?! What is going on?!?
As Zhenwu continues struggling, he begins to take a few steps towards Kiri!!
Another unexpected thing is happening!!
Zhenwu’s transparent tornado is slowly changing into a red color!! Just what is going on here?! Not only that, his tornado is spinning faster than before!! There are few bits of scorch coming out from the tornado!! The bits are hurting Zhenwu, but that doesn’t stop him! Kiri continues to mock him!

[Kiri] My Chiras will blow up and scorch you away before you can even get close to me!! Better you give up!!
[Zhenwu] (...I made a promise to Eruki...)

Something unexpected happen at this moment! The battle quickly went into slow motion as Zhenwu’s tornado suddenly absorbs all of Kiri’s Chiras!! His tornado is going crazy!!! It is spinning fast!! It is turning red!! It is now a scorching hot tornado!! Bits of scorch are flying out everywhere in counterclockwise!! Not only that, Zhenwu’s red tornado is now making a loud noise!!

And soon enough, the battle went back to normal motion as Zhenwu quickly flies across the battle area at a sudden speed!!  A speed so great that the audience is unable to see Zhenwu’s attack coming!!

[Kiri] Because YOU ARE USELE-!!!!!

Kiri is directly punched in the face as Zhenwu yelled out his skill name!!!!!


The red tornado continues to drill right into Kiri’s face as the scorching strips spiral out on the outer edge of the tornado near Zhenwu’s elbow!!
Suddenly the tornado begins to shrink towards Zhenwu’s right fist!!
But something unexpected happen!
Zhenwu’s scorching Taifu suddenly got brighter! Once it got bright enough, it suddenly releases a big scorching explosion on Kiri’s face!!

Kiri immediately gets sent backwards towards the battle area’s wall!!
Flying across the battle area as his face is filled with scorch and smokes!!!
He then collides into the wall and stays stuck there for a few seconds!!
After a few seconds went by, Kiri quickly falls onto the ground face down, leaving behind the wall unharmed!

Zhenwu’s Taifu dispersed away. Zhenwu then slowly walks towards Kiri.

After Zhenwu reached to the unconscious Kiri, Zhenwu immediately talks to Kiri while looking down on him.

[Zhenwu] Don’t ever call me useless.

And with that, the battle ends!!

[Announcer] Whoa!! Zhenwu gave an effective comeback towards Kiri with an attack too fast for us to see!! Luckily we manage to get it recorded so we will display it in slow motion for you all to see on the monitor!!

The audience cheers!

The monitor displays Zhenwu flying to Kiri in slow motion with his Taifu. It then shows Zhenwu knocking Kiri out. After that was shown, the Announcer begins to speak again.

[Announcer] After seeing this amazing fight, we have declared Zhenwu winner by obvious defeat!! Congratulations! This is the end of our first battle. We will now begin our 20 minute break. See you all then!

The audience cheers out loud as the man hits the gong to officially end the battle.

[Eruki] Yeahh!! You did it Zhenwu!! Good job!!
[Yusha] Wow! (He’s able to take Kiri out from a long distance that quickly!!)
[Goober] That was some intense battle.
[Singh] No kidding. *scratches head*
[Kenta] Well what do you know. Zhenwu got out from being cornered and quickly defeated Kiri.
[Yudai] Yes. He has improved.
[Jin] It was a good thing Zhenwu stopped him. Otherwise, the explosion would have reached to the Lounge.

Few minutes went by.
There is Zhenwu walking by Jin in the waiting area. Jin is standing along the wall with his eyes closed.

[Jin] (However, that doesn’t mean you are strong enough. The battle has just begun.)

And so the scene shows Zhenwu walking away from the waiting area to the Lounge. His back facing to Jin.

Meanwhile, on Zhenwu’s way to the Lounge, he encounters the support team. They stop by quickly and ask if he needed help, Zhenwu politely declined. And so the support team went on with their business by going to the battle area to pick up Kiri.
Once the support team arrives to the battle area, they quickly got Kiri onto the stretcher and carried him back into the support room. There, they placed Kiri onto the bed.

Around Kiri are Ekuto, Axel, and Yuyan. They are all lying in their beds.
Kiri quickly wakes up from his unconsciousness. He’s in sudden pain. Kiri look to his right to see Pac sitting up on the edge of his bed looking like he is prepared. Kiri then hears a noise on his left.

[???] I saw the battle on the monitor. It looks like you lost against Zhenwu.

Kiri turns his head to his left to see Ekuto. Kiri then lets out a sigh.

[Ekuto] You shouldn’t have looked down on him, just because his chi system is messed up. Look who’s weak and useless now? *sighs and turns around to sleep*
[Kiri] *turns head to ceiling. Begins staring at ceiling* ...Yeah...( ...we finally settled that are now stronger than me...) *slowly falls asleep due to the injury from Zhenwu*
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