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CH 29.6, Cross!! by dannytranvan CH 29.6, Cross!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (26 May 2017)

While Kiri is trapped in the tornado, Zhenwu, who is far away from Kiri, quickly uses his next skill by starting off with more mudras before the tornado disappears!!

[Zhenwu] Start! Wind! *release comes out*

The wind quickly appears around Zhenwu’s arms! As the strips of wind travels around Zhenwu’s arms towards his hands, Zhenwu prepares to make his attack by holding his arms out by his sides.

Zhenwu quickly aims for Kiri and right before the wind travels close to his hands, Zhenwu quickly clapped his hands together in front of him as he yells out his skill name!!

[Zhenwu] Wind Release: Cross!!

A big wind in a shape of a blade blew out from between his hands. The strips of wind that traveled from his arms to his hands quickly spread out around his hands!!

The Cross quickly goes away from Zhenwu’s hands towards Kiri!! But right before it could travel any further, Zhenwu quickly jumped onto it so that he can travel with it!!

Zhenwu is now heading for Kiri!!
As Zhenwu is approaching closer to the trapped Kiri, the tornado suddenly disperses away!!
Kiri is no longer trapped!! However, Kiri is still spinning, but slowly from the momentum that he have from the tornado!!
As Kiri begins to slow down from spinning, Zhenwu quickly hits Kiri on the body with his Cross!! The speed and the force of the Cross are so great that it continues to carry Kiri higher into the sky! Not only that, Kiri is having difficulty moving away from it

As Kiri is getting closer to the glass ceiling of the battle area, Zhenwu begins to smile seeing that his plan is working! While Zhenwu is smiling, Kiri then gets serious as his eyes glare at him. Through that glare, a flashback appears through Kiri’s eyes.

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August 18, 2016
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