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CH 3.2, Arm Wrestle by dannytranvan CH 3.2, Arm Wrestle by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 10 January 2014

Today was the last day to prepare before the Special Mission for tomorrow. Hmm.. I thought to myself, what should I do today? I am already prepared for tomorrow, maybe I should rest for today?

A few minutes later after the thought of resting, I came up with an idea to challenge my friend to an Arm Wrestle!! Yes! Arm Wrestle happens to be one of my favorite games, especially when I compete against my friend Suoje.

I asked Suoje if he wanted to do an Arm Wrestle game before tomorrow's Special Mission. He gladly accepted the request, so we began to find a table to start this game.

We began the Arm Wrestle game! You wouldn't imagine how strong Suoje was!! I was surprised to see how strong he was compared to me. In the first few minutes, we both had a struggle to move our arms on each of our side of the table. Yes, it was tough indeed, and became a lot tougher when... I suddenly had a cramp on my arm! ._.

Tchhchheee!! Why must a cramp occur at such competitive game?! It was tougher and a lot difficult to keep up at his strength. My arm slowly began to back down towards the table. I tried my best to endure this pain, but of course when there is a cramp while a force of strength is pushed onto my arm, it’s not easy to endure the pain!! It became impossible for me to beat him at this rate, so suddenly my hand slammed loudly towards the table in my defeat.

It was a shame for me to lose against him, but it was fun also to compete against Suoje. I should stop slacking off to prevent this cramp to occur at such great moment I am having. Anyways, Suoje said he had fun doing an Arm Wrestle against me and told me to prepare for tomorrow's mission.

So the day had come to an ending. It was late at night, so I should get some sleep. Tomorrow is the Special Mission! Wow, I can't wait for tomorrow!

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August 27, 2015
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