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CH 30.2, Jin is Somewhere by dannytranvan CH 30.2, Jin is Somewhere by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 September 2016 (12 June 2017)

There is Eruki, who is quick enough to reach the vending machine before anyone else can.
In front of her, there is a vending drink machine.

Eruki looks at each of the drinks as she thinks. Starting from top right, to top left, and onwards as she looks down. The drinks she sees is Strawberry Banana, M-100 Energy, Pup Root Beer, Purified Water, Sunkiss Orange, Apple Juice, Strawberry Milk Tea, OKY Aloe Strawberry Yogurt, Spring Water, Smart Water, Energy Drink, Dr. Black Pepper, Yo’s Soymilk, Better Water, Water, and Koke.

As she looks at each one of these, she continues to think. People are starting to walk up behind her and wait as she tries to choose a drink.

[Eruki] Hmm... *hands on chin* What drink does Zhenwu like..?

While she tries to make a decision, there is Zhenwu sitting on the bench. With his head tilted down, he swings his legs as he waits for Eruki. Zhenwu begins to wonder about Jin.

[Zhenwu] Hmm...I wonder why Jin’s eyes are closed recently. I never saw him close his eyes that long.

Zhenwu look up and begin to look around his surroundings.
He’s looking for someone. Who is he looking for?

[Zhenwu] That’s strange. Jin’s not around here. Where is he?

That’s right. Where is Jin exactly? Where could he be?
There the scene goes to the waiting area on the right side of the arena. There is Jin, standing still along the wall of the waiting area. The view gets closer to him. The view shows Jin with his eyes closed and arms folded in front of him. It looks like Jin is sleeping, but he’s not making any sleeping sounds. Could it be that he’s thinking? What is it that Jin is thinking of?

The scene is becoming dimmer. It is now becoming darker. As the scene becomes darker, the flashback begins.
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September 12, 2016
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