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CH 31.30, Thanks Sagami by dannytranvan CH 31.30, Thanks Sagami by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

Jin wonders why Sagami stopped him.
Sagami winked at Jin.

[Sagami] No need to pay.

Sagami pointed towards the other shuriken that is next to the Daiken on the left.

[Sagami] What is that? Is that a Daiken as well?
[Mai] Ah this *spreads arms out to show it off* ?
[Sagami] Yes.
[Mai] This works the same like the Daiken. But since it takes on a different shape, it got its name as Kyoken.
[Sagami] Oh I see! So this would be perfect for Fanuk!

Sagami turns around to see where Fanuk is. When Sagami sees Fanuk, Sagami pointed towards the Kyoken as she calls out Fanuk.

[Sagami] Fanuk. Do you want this?

Fanuk turns around from looking at the kunais and look up to see where Sagami is pointing at.

[Fanuk] It looks cool. How much is it?
[Mai] This Kyoken costs the same as the Daiken. So it is 2500 tokens.
[Sagami] Don’t worry about the price Fanuk. If you like it, I can get it for you.
[Fanuk] *smiles* I like it, but you don’t have to get it for me.
[Sagami] *smiles back* haha it looks like he likes it. I’ll buy the Daiken and Kyoken.
[Mai] That will be 5000 tokens total.

Sagami reaches her hand into her left pocket to take out her wallet, which appears to be flat with the opening strip on the top looking like it is sealed. As she holds her wallet, she turns it over leaving the (opening) strip of the wallet hanging onto the tip of her fingers. Sagami quickly presses her fingers onto the strip causing the flat wallet to transform into a baggy wallet. Some smokes come out to show that the bag transformed. Sagami then holds the wallet in one of her hands and puts her fingers into the opening which appears to be unsealed. After digging in for the correct coins for a bit, she got out some tokens (light blue colored coins) and placed them on the table one by one in the following order she received from her bag: 1000 tokens, 1000 tokens, 250 tokens, 250 tokens, 1000 tokens, and 1000 tokens.

*Each of these Token coins, like the Gold coins, has numbers embossed on them to show their value. Starting from the top then going clockwise indicates the value of the coins.*

[Sagami] Okay. That is 5000 tokens!

Seeing that Sagami didn’t need help with paying the shurikens, both Fanuk and Jin said their thanks to Sagami for buying it for them.

[Sagami] haha don’t worry you guys. This is a gift from me to the both of you. I hope you like these.
[Jin] I sure will.
[Fanuk] Yeah.

Sagami then puts away her wallet by having the baggy wallet hanging onto her fingers then press her fingers onto the strip to cause the wallet to transform from being baggy to flat. Some smokes came out upon transformation. After that happened, Sagami then puts the flat wallet back into her pocket.

After that happened, Mai begin to ask Jin and Fanuk a question.

[Mai] Do you guys want to seal these weapons up in a scroll to make it easier for you both to carry around?
[Jin] Yes. I want mine sealed.
[Fanuk] Me too.
[Mai] All right. Let me bring out these scrolls and get these ready for you guys.
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January 12, 2017
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