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CH 31.31, Weapon Sealed by dannytranvan CH 31.31, Weapon Sealed by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

Mai got out the scrolls and unscrolls them across the countertop of the table.
Mai then brings Daiken down and place it onto the center of the opened scroll on her left. She then brings down Kyoken and places it onto the center of the scroll on her right.

After having done that, Mai then goes to the little black box and open it, which contains ink. She then gets the brush out of the container and dipped it into the ink. Having ink on the brush, Mai draws the letter “S” next to the Daiken on the scroll. The letter “S” means Seal. After drawing the letter “S”, she then draws 4 straight lines around the letter. The 4 straight lines around the “S” represent whoever touches the seal first is the owner of that scroll. To show you how this works, Mai asked Jin to place his hand over the seal.

Jin places his right hand over the “S”.
The four straight lines are beginning to glow around his hand.
Soon enough, big smokes appear where the weapon is!
After the big smokes disperse away, the weapon leaves a seal behind.
This seal is similar to the one where Jin places his hand, except this seal has curved lines connecting between the 4 straight lines around the “S”.
This means that the weapon is sealed in this location.
Now Jin can unseal his weapon if he wants, all he has to do is place his hand back on the seal with 4 straight lines. The straight lines will glow again causing the seal with the curved lines to bring out big smokes.
After the big smokes disperse away, the weapon should be back to where it was left, however the seal itself with the curved lines will not be there.
But it is okay because Jin can place wherever he wants the weapon to be on his scroll and repeat the same process as long as that “S” seal with 4 straight lines are there.

Understanding how this sealing method works, Mai scrolls up Jin’s scroll and gives it to Jin.
Mai then repeats the same process for Fanuk’s scroll.
Mai only let customers, who buy an expensive weapon, gear, and etc., to have the option of whether they want to carry their item in a scroll or not.
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January 12, 2017
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