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CH 31.35, That'll Be 1500 Gold by dannytranvan CH 31.35, That'll Be 1500 Gold by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017

[Fanuk] I would like to have 3 mooncakes. Each of them with lotus seed paste and egg in it.
[???] Okay! That’ll be 1500 Gold.

Fanuk place his right hand into his right pocket to grab some gold coins. Out from his pocket is his right hand holding onto the gold. Fanuk then places 3 gold coins, he grabbed from his pocket, onto the wooden countertop. Each of them has a value of 500 Gold.

The worker took the coins and placed it in the drawer behind the counter. He then rips out three sheets of paper towel and folded each them into a square. After he has done that, he then walk towards the display on Fanuk’s right to grab the mooncakes with the paper towels.

While the worker does this, Fanuk places his left hand into his left pocket. He then loosens up the string around the bag and places his two fingers into it. After he does this for a bit, Fanuk place his left hand out of his pocket, waiting for the mooncakes.

It was not long before the worker returns with the mooncakes in the folded paper towels. The worker place 3 mooncakes on the countertop table.

[???] There you go. Three mooncakes!
[Fanuk] Thank you.

Fanuk grabbed two mooncakes with his right hand opened wide and grabbed the last one with his left hand having two fingers held together. As Fanuk is leaving the Mooncake shop, the scene shows him having his two fingers making contact with the mooncake from beneath.

Fanuk is now on his way towards the table where Jin and Sagami are.
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January 12, 2017
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