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CH 31.4, Knocking on the Door by dannytranvan CH 31.4, Knocking on the Door by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

[Jinshio] Come sit down son.
[Jin] Okay dad.
[Jinshio] So son, do you have any plans today?
[Jin] Hmm *thinks about it* Yeah I do.
[Jinshio] I see. What are they?
[Jin] Today I’m supposed to meet up with this person Nasumi is bringing for me to train with.
[Mei] *puts beef on plates* Breakfast is almost ready!
[Jin] Okay mom!
[Jinshio] I see. Do you have any clue who this person could be?
[Jin] Hmm no. Nasumi only told me it is someone who is as strong as me.
[Jinshio] Oh I see.

There comes Mei setting the plates with food on it one by one onto the table. She then sets the plates for them to eat on it.

[Jinshio] Hmm~ They look delicious!
[Jin] Haha they sure are *with a grin on his face*
[Mei] Haha. It’s all set. Let’s eat!

As Jin’s family is eating for a couple of minutes, a few knocks are made onto their front door. Jin and his parents continue to eat.

Soon enough, the left door (where the knock was made) slides into the wall. There appears Sagami in the opening.

[Sagami] Jin!!

Jin looked back as he chews his food to see who it is. It is Sagami, one of Jin’s friends!

[Jinshio] Ah if it isn’t Sagami! You are here to take Jin to training?
[Sagami] Yes sir.
[Jinshio] I see. Is it okay if you can wait for Jin to finish his food?
[Sagami] Sure. I can wait.
[Jin] *finished chewing the food in his mouth* It’s okay dad. I’m stuffed haha.
[Jinshio] Ha I see. Food is very good huh?
[Jin] It is haha!
[Mei] *waves hand away* Oh stop it you too!

Jin gets up and puts his plate and chopsticks into the sink. He then washes his hands.

Jin then walks towards his room.

[Jin] Wait up for me Sagami! Let me put on my training gear!
[Sagami] Sure Jin!

Jin enters his room to change his clothes. He then comes out and walks towards the wall where all the shoes are. He put on his shoes and goes towards the opening of the front door where Sagami is. Before Jin left, he waved back to his parents and said something.

[Jin] Thanks mom and dad! I’m off to training now!
[Mei] No problem son.
[Jinshio] Enjoy your training Jin!
[Jin] I sure will!

Jin then slides the door closed behind him.
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January 12, 2017
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