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CH 31.44, Hmm...I See. by dannytranvan CH 31.44, Hmm...I See. by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 13 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

And just when Jin thought he had it, he was so close!!
Jin failed to get the needle into the center!
This surprised Jin.

[Jin] Hmm…

Being so confident, the worker begins to speak again.

[???] Awwwhh so close! You have one needle left now. Don’t mess it up!

Jin thinks for a bit as he stares at his target. After half a minute has gone by, Jin speaks calmly.

[Jin] I see.

Jin holds up his scrolls to Sagami on his left.

[Sagami] !
[Jin] Sagami, can you hold onto these for me?
[Sagami] O-oh sure!
[Jin] Thanks!
[???] *smiles* Oh it looks like he’s getting serious!

Jin looks at his target once again before he close his eyes.
After another half minute has gone by, Jin quickly open his eyes!!
Jin activated his Dark Eyes!! Black spikes grew big and small around his gray eyes!!
This caught the worker by surprised! This is the first time he see someone’s eyes changed!

Jin stares at his target again. This time, instead of seeing his target in a far blurry distance, he now sees his target in a close clear distance! Jin can see it clearly! So that’s where the black dot is. Being able to see clearly, the only thing Jin has to do is use his throwing skills!

And so Jin picks up the last needle, aims for it, and throws it straight at the target!! The needle travelled so fast in a straight line that it quickly hit the target at the center!!

The worker is shocked at what he is seeing!!

[???] (No way!! No one should be able to do that!!)
[Sagami] Wow Jin!! You did it!!
[Fanuk] Haha who knew you could do it!!
[Jin] Ha! It was nothing! All I did is fix the problem I see.
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January 13, 2017
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