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CH 31.48, I'll Pay for All of Them by dannytranvan CH 31.48, I'll Pay for All of Them by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 14 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

After the group has look around for a while, Jin finally decides that it is time to pay.

[Jin] All right Sagami and Fanuk. Let’s go pay.
[Fanuk] Okay!
[Sagami] I’ll be there in a minute!
[???] Are you guys ready to pay?
[Jin] Yes.
[???] Okay let me see what you guys have.

She looks at Fanuk’s hand. She then looks at Jin’s hand. Right before she could determine the price for each of them, there is Sagami who quickly runs in to the group.

[Sagami] *eyes closed while scratching her head a bit as she smiles* hehe! Sorry if I got here late. I’ll be getting this.
[???] I see. So for you, *looks at Fanuk, who is standing on the right* it will cost you 1000 Gold, and you,*looks at Jin, who is standing in the middle* it will cost you 1000 Gold. And as for you, *looks at Sagami, who is standing on the left* it will cost you 100 Gold.
[Jin] All right. I’ll go ahead and pay for my wallet first.
[Fanuk] Okay.

Jin tries to get his money from his pocket, but his hands are full!
Jin looks at Sagami and talks to her.

[Jin] Sagami, is it okay if you can hold this wallet for me right quick? *holds wallet out*
[Sagami] Sure! *holds onto wallet*
[Jin] Thanks!

Jin resumes to getting his money from his pocket. Sagami looks at Jin as she waits for him. Jin is still searching through his right pocket with his right hand. When a few seconds have pass, Jin finally got the right amount of Gold in his right hand.
Jin brings his right hand out of his pocket, but was soon stopped. It turns out Sagami stopped Jin’s hand.

[Sagami] *smiles* Don’t worry Jin. I’ll pay for all of us. So that is 2100 Gold total isn’t it?
[???] Yes it is.
[Sagami] All right. Let me get my money.

Fanuk sees Sagami is being nice enough to pay for him as well. Having seen that, Fanuk begins to feel bad about what he has done to Sagami. He then decides that the least he can do is to be nice back to her.

[Fanuk] Hey Sagami. Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay for all of us.
[Sagami] Oh? Are you sure? It’s kinda expensive all together.
[Fanuk] It’s okay Sagami. You and Jin have been great people since we first met. I at least want to be able to repay you guys back in return.
[Sagami] Awh you don’t have to~
[Jin] Yeah Fanuk. You bought us mooncakes earlier. No need to feel that you should pay us back. After all, we are friends. We help each other out.
[???] *sees them talking as she waits*
[Fanuk] Ha I know. But seeing how nice you both are to me, I feel I should be paying these for you guys, at least this time as a good friend.
[Sagami] Awh okay. Thanks Fanuk!
[Jin] If you feel this way, then okay haha. Thank you Fanuk!
[Fanuk] No problem!
[???] *smiles*

Fanuk reached for his right pocket and took out some Gold coins.

[Fanuk] This should be good enough.
[???] Let’s see.

The shop woman received the gold coins in her hand from Fanuk. She sees how much Gold Fanuk has given her. Fanuk has given her a total of 3000 Gold.

[???] 3000 Gold! I see. Let me get you your change.
[Fanuk] No need. You can keep the rest!
[???] ! …. Well, thank you! *smiles*
[Fanuk] No problem haha! *smiles big*
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