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CH 4.1, Team Tekai Attack! by dannytranvan CH 4.1, Team Tekai Attack! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 16 January 2014

* is the day! I should get the others to wake up. Unfortunately they were waiting for me outside, Suoje and Ming.

We walked to the front of the village. What waited for us up ahead was Tekai. Tekai had some strange looks on their face. It seemed like they are serious.

Right before we greeted them, they immediately told us to guard the back side of the village. I just realized leader not mentioned anything about it, but maybe something unplanned happened.

Looking at their team Tekai’s serious looks, I wonder why they keep looking forward. Who or what is standing in front of them? I just realized it was only one person that looks suspicious with an evil smile across his face.

Suoje, Ming, and I dashed quickly to back side of the village. What is this uneasy feeling I keep getting? What is this I'm sensing? What is going on? Tch...

Meanwhile, the mysterious person happens to be one of the Rebel. Not sure what his name was, but he began to speak as I left.

[???] Oh, how confident of you to stand as if this is a normal day?
[Singh] I don't know who you are, but I would like that smile of yours off of your face.
[Coroji] Heh, the name is Coroji. If you want me to wipe off my smile, then make me!
[Axel] Weaklings? You just don't know who you are talking to, with that attitude.
[Goober] He's a Rebel member isn't he Singh? So his objective is to cause destruction to the village.
[Singh] Yes. We should stop him from causing disturbance to this peaceful village. (But.. why is there only one? Hopefully the Heroes can get there as soon as possible. I feel so uneasy about this.)
[Axel] Singh, we gotta defend, he's heading straight towards us!
[Singh] Okay everyone! We gotta stop Coroji!!

Each of them quickly clapped their hands together creating a chi (transparent) ring around their hand. They then make their move!

[Goober] Earth Release: Jiaquan!!
[Singh] Water Release: Duosplat!!
[Axel] Wind Release: Yizhi!!
[Coroji] You think that'll work all on me?

The battle of Tekai against Coroji, Rebel member.
Zhenwu and his friends dashed quickly on to the other side of the village. Few chapters will consist of scenes from Tekai vs Coroji while the Heroes are on their way to the back of the village!

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