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CH 4.11, !! I See... by dannytranvan CH 4.11, !! I See... by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 19 December 2015

Singh and Goober who collided against their wall, fell down onto the ground. They tried to stand up from suffering all those attacks.

As soon as they thought they were safe, another 2 Corojis, who destroyed the Earth and Water palm earlier, quickly dashed towards the wall!!

The 2 Corojis quickly got their arms out as they dashed and quickly punched the wall!!!
Even though Coroji failed to destroy them with their beam, they can quickly catch up to start another attack!! There is no rest for Singh and Goober!!

Their Cannon Fist created a beam on the other side of the wall!! The cannon beam quickly launched Goober and Singh, who were trying to stand, to another direction away from the wall they created!!

During this moment, we have a view up in the sky. This view goes onto Axel’s face who has smokes following him from the previous attack. Axel?! He is still alive?!! How? While he was up in the sky, he was shocked what he saw few seconds ago.

[Axel] !! I see…

What he saw was the scene when the 2 Corojis launched Goober and Singh away from the wall using their Cannon Fist!

The scene went back onto Goober and Singh who are being launched away by the cannon beam. They are suffering more from the Corojis’ attacks with smokes appearing on their body!!

Another 2 Corojis are quickly coming in the direction where Goober and Singh are being launched at!! They both have their fists held up high!!

What will happen next?! Will the situation get worst for Goober and Singh? Stay tune!!

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