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CH 4.12, Oh No You Don't! by dannytranvan CH 4.12, Oh No You Don't! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 19 December 2015 (7 February 2017)

The 4 Corojis successfully removed the water bundle from the tied up Coroji!! After they done that, they went to the direction where Goober and Singh are to finish them off!

Axel quickly used his hand signs after being surprised by what he saw earlier! But, he is having trouble using his arms to do hand signs after the injury from the attack earlier. However, he doesn’t give up!

Start! Wind *chi ring comes out*! These were the hand signs he quickly used as he tries to get away quietly from being high up above Coroji, who had the water bundle removed from him.

[Axel] (Wind Release: Gust!!)

Axel held in his breath and all of a sudden blew out something from his mouth. It was wind!! This transparent wind pushed him away from the direction where he is blowing!!

But as soon as Axel blew himself away, Coroji quickly noticed something strange from within his range of sight!
He looked up what’s above him!

[Coroji] (!! He’s alive! How?! Damn, I can’t let him get away!!)

Axel, who is unaware of Coroji noticing him, continues to fly away to the direction where Goober and Singh will be launched!

But before he can do that, someone quickly appears behind him!
It was Coroji who jumped all the way up into the sky behind Axel!

Axel quickly notices someone is behind him!! As soon as he took a glance of who is behind him…

[Coroji] OH NO YOU DON’T!!!
[Axel] Ungh!!!

He was quickly punched by Coroji’s Cannon Fist!!!
Axel suffered more from Coroji’s fist as there is an orange beam with a red ring showing out of nowhere in front of his body!! Axel is then launched downwards to the ground from the sky!!

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December 19, 2015
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