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CH 4.14, Caught by the Armor!! by dannytranvan CH 4.14, Caught by the Armor!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 28 December 2015

There came Goober, Singh, and Axel out from the smoke!

[Coroji] So they really are not giving up. 6 of you, go kill them! Help with assisting and attacking with each other! We don’t have much time, 3 of us will go attack the village, you all can catch up with us after you are done.

Six Corojis came charging towards Tekai! 3 of them were leading up! 3 of the others were following behind to assist!

And without a doubt, 1 of the leading group charged towards Goober with a Cannon Fist!!
Another came at Singh with a Cannon Fist!!

Both Goober and Singh are badly injured from the attack! Goober with a piece of his armor popping off! Cannon beams flying off behind their back!

But wait!!
There is Goober and Singh smiling at a close up view!!
Their body changed showing some sort of armor!!
What?! They covered their body with earth and water!! It’s a trap!!
The 2 Corojis quickly noticed but it was too late!!
By the time they noticed, there is Goober and Singh who quickly turned with an arm out to prepare a strike!!

[Goober] Haaaaaa!!!!
[Singh] Heeeeeee!!!!!

POW!! A powerful strike went onto the 2 Corojis neck!!!

[Goober and Singh] Die!! *they say as the strike went onto their neck!!*

The 2 Corojis fell to the ground dead as both of their necks are broken from Goober’s and Singh’s powerful strike! That leaves 7 remaining Corojis left!!

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December 28, 2015
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