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CH 4.17, !! Real Bodies?! by dannytranvan CH 4.17, !! Real Bodies?! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 28 December 2015 (7 February 2017)

Out from another part of the area within the smokes, there remains 1 Coroji.
Axel quickly uses his hand signs as he quietly gets close to the remaining one.

[Axel] (Start! Wind! Flow *chi ring comes out*! Wind Release: Bulleto!!)

Axel quickly held in his breath as Coroji looks around!
Coroji is already aware from the information he received. He must be careful within his surroundings, or he will be dead like his other teammates who recently died in the smokes!

What Coroji doesn’t know is that Axel is not planning to attack him close-up!
Axel then runs towards Coroji!!
Coroji, having heard the noise of loud footsteps coming up to him unaware, he is startled! Coroji quickly became more alert within his surrounding!
But, the sound died off!!
The sound of Axel’s footsteps died off when he jumped!! Axel, with his breath already held in, quickly blew out his Bulleto!! A wind attack that looks like a bullet!! The attack went fast through the smokes!!
Before Coroji could even notice the sound, he is already struck by Axel’s attack!! Blood follows out through Axel’s Bulleto path!!

Coroji, shocked of what just happened with his surprised expression, fell down to the ground slowly.

Axel landed onto the ground from jumping. The smokes faded away.
Having beaten 6 Corojis was an accomplishment to Tekai. However, something shocking came to them at the same time.

When Axel looked down on the Coroji he shot with his Bulleto to see if he disappeared, he sees blood spreading away from Coroji’s body!!

Goober and Singh also became shocked at the same time with Axel when they discovered that there is blood spreading away from the defeated bodies!!

[Axel] !! What?! These are real bodies?!
[Goober] Aren’t clones supposed to disappear after being defeated?!
[Singh] How..? This isn’t possible!

Axel, Singh, and Goober looked around in the battlefield for the other Corojis they defeated long ago. The defeated Corojis are still there, but dead.
Axel, Singh, and Goober are shocked to see that these are real bodies they killed! They are clones, but why do they not disappear?! What is going on?!

As the other three Corojis are dashing towards the Lantern Village, one of them quickly turned their head to see how it is going, just to find out all the Corojis they sent are dead!

[1 of Corojis] Seems like all of those we sent are dead. There is no use attacking the village if these Tekai people are still alive. They will hinder us. I see they are confused now. This is a good opportunity to get them.
[Main Coroji] All right, let’s kill them.

The 3 Corojis turned around to see Team Tekai being all confused and surprised.
Before 2 of the Corojis come charging at the confused Tekai, the main leader stopped both of them by holding up his arms.

[Main Coroji] Wait. While they are confused, let me do something.

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December 28, 2015
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