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CH 4.3, Coroji- Surprise! by dannytranvan CH 4.3, Coroji- Surprise! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 22 January 2014

Coroji manage to counter Tekai's full offense. Previously he disappeared by using some kind of power. But what is he planning?

It turns out he used some kind of teleportation technique while throwing a kunai towards the Tekai. Later Tekai realized they had been going too easy on Coroji. Reason? They thought they can take down a person easily, but it had been a mistake for them to think that early.

[Coroji] Suuuuurrrpppriiseeee!! How about a taste of your own troubles?
[Goober] *questioning* A taste of my own troub-?

Coroji brought out his orange charged fist and punched Goober at the stomach releasing an orange beam with a red ring coming out from his back!

[Coroji] Cannon Fist!!
[Goober] uuuughhhh what the!!
[Coroji] Ah couldn't finish what you were saying? Too bad, go ahead finish it once you are dead! Haha!
[Axel] Heh, a kunai coming at me? Shouldn't be a problem.
[Singh] What is this nonsense?! For such a shuriken to move on its own?!
[Axel] Ungh!! A fast kunai! Tch, shouldn't be a problem taking it out..wait a moment.. what is this thing tagged along with the kunai..? Oh..! I gotta get rid of this-!!
[Coroji] Haha! Realized how much you all underestimated me?

Meanwhile, Zhenwu and his other friends finally reached the other side of the village.

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