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CH 4.5, Let's Go Tekai! by dannytranvan CH 4.5, Let's Go Tekai! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 October 2015 (7 February 2017)

[Axel] All right! Let's begin this!

Team Tekai charges towards Coroji!
Coroji is also charging towards them! Both are going in directions towards each other!
Team Tekai jumped, leaving Axel who jumps the highest!
They all jumped to avoid from being stunned of what's about to happen next!!

[Coroji] *dashes* (Dang! They went off track. I see they figured that attacking me all at the same time directly won't work. Looks like one of them are using himself as a distraction. I won't fall for that!)

Coroji is coming for Goober and Singh!

[Goober] *uses hand signs* Start!! Earth!! Maintain!! Ignore!! *chi ring comes out* Earth Release: Uprising Platform!!

Goober uses his right hand and slammed it towards the ground. A big piece of brown earth platform from the ground rises straight up!! Coroji's feet are stuck in the platform that came up beneath him! His feet are stunned! While he tries to get out from the earth platform, Singh comes after!!

[Singh] *uses hand signs* Start!! Water!! Flow!! *chi ring comes out* Water Release: Ocean Wave!!

Singh's mouth became filled with transparent water, he blew it all out onto the earth platform!!

There is Axel from above Coroji!! He uses hand signs!!

[Axel] Start!! Wind!! Maintain!! *chi ring comes out* Wind Release: Impacto!!

Coroji tries to dodge from Axel's  transparent Impacto attack, but then came Singh's attack coming at him!!
Waves of Ocean came crashing onto Coroji while he is stuck in the ground!! This causes injury to his legs, making his legs weakened enough to prevent him from trying to escape Axel's Impacto while he is stuck in the earth platform!!

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