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CH 8.3, Liiiiightniiiiing Touch!!!! by dannytranvan CH 8.3, Liiiiightniiiiing Touch!!!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 25 December 2014

My gosh. I battled Reichi for too long. Nothing will come to an end if I keep dodging his fast attacks. I am not sure how long I can luckily dodge him with his crazy agility. I have to take him down with a big attack before I am caught in his attack.

[Zhenwu] (Dang..! I forgot I'm running low on chi from all that dodging and attacking. This should be enough to take him down) *releases orange Lightning touch again* It's time to put an end to you Reichi!!!

Zhenwu jumped very high into the air and aimed straight towards Reichi. Zhenwu went at a fast rate due to his lightning boost skill.

[Zhenwu] *Dark Eyes reacts fast* Lightning Release: LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHTTTNIIIIIIIIIIIINNNGGG TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very fast as Zhenwu went. He smashed into the ground with his Lightning touch. The situation suddenly went into slow motion as Zhenwu took a look at Reichi. As they both look each other in slow motion with the sound of Lightning touch, Reichi realized what Zhenwu was up to as soon as he saw Zhenwu smile. Reichi dodged his attack in a speedy pace! All of a sudden...

A massive bright orange color explosion!!! Deadly!!! But wait!! It's not over yet!! Reichi is preparing a comeback to Zhenwu as soon as the explosion fades away!!

[Reichi] (If I had not dodged that, I could have died.) Too bad you missed. Prepare for Retaliation!!!

What is Reichi up to? It looks like he is gathering his chi around his fist! His fist suddenly becomes surrounded by orange aura. Could the orange aura be from his Mao? Reichi is still gathering more of his chi around his fist! What is he up to?!? Stay tune!!

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August 27, 2015
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