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CH 8.6, Do One Last Thing For Me... by dannytranvan CH 8.6, Do One Last Thing For Me... by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 10 January 2015

[Reichi] Distraction?! How?!
[Zhenwu] It happened when I collided my Lightning Touch towards the ground.
[Reichi] (That's right! He must have..!)
[Zhenwu] I made sure I collided to the ground hard enough to create a lot of dusts. While the dusts were settling down, I made an Inferno clone to take my replacement.
[Reichi] No wonder! But I saw you clearly on the ground! You shouldn't have enough time to make replacement!
[Zhenwu] I was still under my buff that I used a while ago. Lightning Boost. With that, I had enough speed to make a replacement. Not to mention, you were so focused on where I collided that you didn't see me get onto my Inferno clone and jump off from him to the sky!!
[Reichi] Tch. I must have focused on you too much while charging the energy for my fist.
[Zhenwu] Yeap! Cool isn't it! I knew you would do something like that, to take me down while I am off guard!  And you "fell" for it!
[Reichi] Fell huh.? Looks like you win… *still suffering from that burn* I am unable... to do...what's best... for us all...
[Zhenwu] Best for us all? You tried to destroy our village! How is that best for us?!
[Reichi] I wish I can tell looks like you win... you protected your village…that's something good out of you...
[Zhenwu] Of course! My dream is to become the strongest player so that I can stop the corruption!!
[Reichi] Good....... hey.... you mind doing one last thing for me.....?
[Zhenwu] Sure. What is it?
[Reichi] DIE!!!!!!!!! (total bullshit!! Stop the corruption?! You have no idea what you are saying!)

Reichi slammed both of his fists onto the ground as he said his last word! The ground begins to crack a little behind Zhenwu. But Zhenwu was unaware of this because of the loud word Reichi said, so the 2 clones of Reichi popped up from the ground and quickly slashed through Zhenwu's back with their orange slash!!


Due to their speed and how close they were to Zhenwu, Zhenwu didn’t have enough time to dodge nor react to what’s behind him!

[Zhenwu] !!!!!

It was an attack that Reichi planned earlier!
Flash back occurred for Reichi as he dies slowly. Before Reichi was focusing his aura on his fist, he release 2 clones to dig under the ground to prepare for an attack if something goes wrong. Just in case, they masked their presence by using orange aura. The call-out signal was his fists making an impact to the ground, giving a MAO connection for the clones through orange aura. This way, Reichi can attack Zhenwu while he is completely off guard! Look who fell?

[Zhenwu] You...!! Ugh...

Zhenwu falls slowly towards the ground with face down. As the clones finished their attack, they disappeared in smokes since Reichi's MAO aura is out of connection with the clones. There is no more orange aura stored in Reichi. Reichi loses his transformation and is dead…

What happens after? Stay tune!

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August 27, 2015
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